Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I've been drawing and taking pictures since I was a wee one. I drew so much that "Has the potential to do much better" was written on most of my report cards, excluding art. I sat promptly in History, Math, Sciences, and English Drawing. Not just a doodle here, or a doodle there, I filled about 4 huge sketchbooks through a school year. Each new sketchbook I decorated and named. Often reflecting my mood or what I was most into at that time.
My sketch books were my favorite past time and then came documenting life around me. And that's where I found Photography...
I was horrid at math, I found history not only depressing, but boring and I found Science too dry.
I wish someone would have paid me to draw, because I would have drawn the world... over and over.

Now I want to take pictures, simple ones, complex ones, mute ones, colorful ones. I want to show peoples lives and their extistance, their love and their moments.

Capture. Inspire. Remember.



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