Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fresh Attitude.

I have this thing.

Well, A big thing.

Sometimes I'm cool.

Sometimes I'm not.

It gives me fire.

It gives me grief.

It drives my family crazy.

My baby inherited it. My husband is thrilled.

It's a little thing... I call my "hot temper".
And just recently, I realized I do have it.
I used to think everyone was nuts or over exaggerating.

Turns out I was the space-o.
So what, I'm hot tempered...
It gives me a flare and a passion. A passion no else has, when I commit to something there's nothing anyone can do to deter me from that 'something'.
Now, I can't say this 'hot temper' is a great thing all the time. It's got a stubborn streak.
But I can, and I will say that it defines my personality and gives me the keys to succeed, a fire within and 15 minutes of 'don't get on my badside'.



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