Friday, September 17, 2010


I wish I had some pictures for this blog. But I don't. I've been stuck in the house for the past 2 days, only to get out for a run once. Had 2 sets of visitors today and a baby on the verge, (on my god. I can see it) cutting a tooth (please... tooth, cut through already!!) - she's been a hella miserable.
*drops head to desk* all this and I'm hoping "HOPING" the weather stays fine for Sunday and my Couple Shoot. I really, really don't want to "reshedual" but if the weather network is right for once, I will be. Darn -
(okay ... here's a pic)

But now, in all serious-ness (yea, I don't think that's a word either)... I'd really like to get the shoot done. Last week I had to reshedual it, due to weather. And the weather really has shifted gears into "fall", all I need, is NO rain. That's all. I can make perfectly beautiful pics with clouds! So please Mr.Fall, don't rain on my photoshoot (*ehm* again...)
Lately, I've been sorta a perfectionist, which I'm usually NOT - okay well - when I was young and in my "rocker" days I was a bit of a perfectionist/obessed with perfection. I mean, that's good, I wanted a good thing to come out of the studio, after all, that CD of MUSIC - makes or breaks you.
I really battled a ton with giving up music. - and it's not that i "gave" it up, my life just took another road.
Now I find myself loving something, I think maybe even more than Music and I've turned into a perfectionist again. I tweak and tweak and line up straight, organize my desk and spend time writting "these" blogs, my website, my photos, my shedualing, my life - geez maybe I'm an over manager - or maybe I'm just totally throwing myself in so I can't say I reget or resent anything (ie. what happened with music) along with that and actually sometimes I just gotta vent and this is what I'm doing (sry. guys.) ....
"Dude - when you over manage you totally sound crazy " (words of a friend)

But this is what this blog is for, I suppose. It's not just for the Photography biz and to show my growth and stuff. It's to to let you all in on a part of life, so I maybe - I am a real person. Not just a BLOG.

<3 you guys!

AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING - wouldn't be doing this thing without you!

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