Saturday, September 25, 2010

Periwinkle Is Banned.

Who paints a room periwinkle???
(unless its a nursery - then MAYBE )
Not to offend the past owners of our house, but I'm sorry, Periwinkle just doesn't Tickle. (haha - or not)

So maybe you guessed I'm doing something that involves paint - periwinkle and a room ... well, you'd be right!
I'm painting the studio space, (actually I just finished) from Periwinkle to Snow Drift White (yep, white!). It's hard to paint over periwinkle, thus my total frustration with it, but I have succeeded. I did it. It's white (eh, Snowdrift "white") and it looks good-good-good.

So some of you may sit there and think, wow, she's the most boring person ever - she painted a room white (snowdrift white). Who paints a room white?
Well, periwinkle made me want to cut off my head when I'd be sitting in front of my computer for hours at a time when I'm in post-production. (GAH!)
- So I went white, cause : I'll get more light in the room, I'll be able to display canvas work of my photography (without periwinkle killing it), I'm going to add punches of awesome color!!, and I'm not gonna want to cut of my head in post production. (8 hours in the same room is alot of time)...Especially when you're staring at a screen.
So I chose Snowdrift White, it has a slight blue hue, so it's not like it's blinding white. - and I finally finished it off, all by myself.
My husband, about an hour into it the other day decided he wasn't feeling it, so today I tackled it by myself and somehow finished... that's some motivation and a decent workout when using a roller. I can feel it the most in my calves, or maybe that's from our 3km run today ... Regardless! It's D-O-N-E.

This Saturday I'm doing two families, two separate shoots and then bringing them together to rock the camera. Should be fun, out in Chilliwack.

Kay, well - I will post some pictures of the new studio once I clean the horrendous mess of desk things in the middle of the room and stuff. Not like your that interested in white walls anyway :P
or are you?



PS - there are minor adjustments to my Website, Including more depth into packages and what I offer.

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  1. Great photos your little one is just beautiful :)


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