Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reminiscing Maple Wood.

Maple. Yep, my desk is Maple. >> we picked it out and now it's being built. Well... Kinda. I think tomorrow is when real construction starts on the long, wonderfully manicured MapleWood.
I had a busy day. Met for a booking, that turned into me almost losing my mind, but it was quickly recovered once I got to starbucks! Thank God!
We took Mags for a walk or romp... more like. Went to doctors appointment. Then went with my hubby to sign VACA for next year. Today planned on getting married 2012, mostly so I can spend the next year and a bit getting established in photography then have an awsome party of a Wedding the next year!
Baby somehow slept a bit through this whole day - oh, and then we headed to the lumber yard, where we found the Maple for the custom Studio Desk. Which I'm pretty stoked about. Though it's hard when the whole upstairs of your house is ripped apart and under renovations for one room. Funny how one room - can affect alot more than just one room. I just want the stuff to get built so I can decorate! :D and stop working off the kitchen table... (yea, we haven't sat down for a meal in a week at the kitchen table since this stuff began because my folders, magazine racks, photos, lamps, errr. my laptop... and all the camera-gear is taking over the kitchen.)
So - uh - I don't really have a moral of this story other than it was a busy and productive day. Tons of fun!
Here's a photo from our road trip a while back - if some of you remember it was up into Northern BC - I'm actually missing Roadtrippin' (hence the photo)... Summer is over... We want to do the Alaskan Highway next year hopefully.
Here comes fall, jammed packed with family shoots! Ah, family shoots.



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