Sunday, September 19, 2010

WeekEND Blog.

Woah -
Okay end of the weekend, what can I say that will make you guys happy?
Umm... I dunno but I do know that I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night. No- I didn't and that was cheezy, but man, that is a brilliant slogan!

So yep, Rain - ONCE AGAIN -rained on my parade. Like seriously? Mr. Rain? Mr. CLoud? -grrr... it's okay I was very optimistic this whole day but it just wasn't jiving.
So I headed to our Family get together and brought the camera along. Quite surprised how many of my family sorta stalks my photos ! :P lol
It was tons of fun. Always love getting together with the Family. Think a few of the pictures turned out quite nice. Didn't take a ton though - spent most of the time filling my gut with Carlorie loaded foods... but man, they were good. Can feel the fat roll though. Guess what I'm doing tomorrow - Running.

Next week I have a shoot planned for 2 cutie boys, next Sunday that is - and if it rains on my parade - I'm gonna wave my hand at it. Umm... Not sure at what, but I will!
I love LOVE outdoor shoots, I love the endless possibilities and the endless ideas. Generally with Studio work I just get some props and make the best. I find personality shines more at Outdoor locations. So I really try to make it work. In fact - the only pictures I'll do in studio are newborns. Cuz naked babies outside - well that would be cruel.

Anyway - hopefuoly pegged this couple shoot in the next few weeks. <3 them.
Also - I am excited to say I booked 3 sessions in the last two days (ya, baby photographer getting it done *weird hiphop voice*). Quite proud of myself, and am thinking it's not so bad for only 4 mnths into the Bizz. Also love that it's picked up since BigD joined the team. (does anyone else think my referring to my cameras as a part of my team, is creepy?)

Hey! I'm from a strong Equestrian background, your horse was your team mate - thus my logic - couldn't do my job without BigD.

(Okay, I'm nuts)

In the next few days I'm gonna seriously try to post a Youtube Video. I've actually got more hits on my last 2 vids than I thought, so I'm gonna try to do that and shoot it with BigD. Maybe even do a field test with my 2 fav lenses... I maybe making more work for myself than I should. *makes face*
I'll post that link when I'm done it.

Chatta to ya lata!



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