Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10.12.10 - Periwinkle is Banned (Concluded)


Once Upon a time there was a room that was periwinkle. Not a soft periwinkle, a strong periwinkle.
That may have been a baby room delight, but it was studio's fright...
The space was dark and dingy, and the dog had it's own couch. The owners didn't know what to do with it, cause it was a project in itself. Yet - it had so much potential to be a great room...

So.... Bella came in, and ripped it apart, put 4 coats of white paint over the periwinkle and tore out the desk. The couch got replaced and a custom desk got built, Ikea pitched in and this is what we got.

Cheers, Bella




  1. Looks awesome! Doesn't it make such a HUGE difference working in a space you love? SOOO much more motivating and makes you wanna keep it clean and tidy! Nice work!

  2. Wow...I'm jealous. Looks great! XO


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