Friday, October 29, 2010

3 Spooky Days...

So as you all will know, if you've been looking at a calendar in the last two weeks that Halloween is fast approaching. I have carved... are you ready for this... 12 Pumpkins. yea- 12. All for my spooky family/close friends party (though I have so many ppl coming I can't take anymore on. it's expensive to feed you folks!) I literally didn't know it was going to turn into an as many as it did, I'm having to turn people away now :(
It's kinda a house warming too though - that we neglected to have for the past 7 mnths. So yea, a very needed event at any. and haha. i get to decorate... alot!
Last weekend I went to a Halloween party.
I was a Vamp-ress. I had fun, threw my costume together in like half hour and headed out the door with my pumpkin baby in hand.
I liked my blood on my lips so much I had to take a photo so that will explain the scary looking person at the end of this blog.
I also have been super busy so I haven't had a chance to write anything, between baking gravestone cookies and BURNING pumpkin seeds (oh i am so mad about that still!!!!) and carving pumpkins and decorating my house quickly, I have somehow still managed to not finish and yes, I only have till tomorrow and part of saturday. I still gotta set up the graveyard in the backyard and bake pumpkin cookies too!
This is my first Halloween party and it will not be my last. (uh - well - I hope not)
Haha. anyway, Happy Halloween!!! ( I guess I'll do one more post before Halloween of my pumpkins and such)
-bella xoxo


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