Friday, October 1, 2010

freeTime to fallTime

Today is the begining of Pumpkin Month and my 25th post on my blog, I remember thinking I didn't know if I'd even continue it but I quite like blogging and reading others blogs. Plus it gives me a creative outlet to display some of my regular, fam pics.
Most of you are aware I'm working off my kitchen table right now, plus a ton of Halloween decorations just joined me. Yep, October 1st, 2 weeks before decorating begins.
We're having a Halloween party this year and unfortunately, it's the one holiday that I spend a bit too much time and money on. I'm totally excited to decorate and trick out this house, since it's the first year we're in our "own" home.
I really want to give everyone a great time and have a great party. Drama free so family and friends can just hang out and have some ghoulish treats and the kids can run around the graveyard in the backyard, looking for treats.
I have a long list of stuff to do, but I have mostly got all my decor. Just have to get down to baking and then decide on all the food...
It's alot of work to plan a party so I'm glad I'm just wanting to take on Halloween each year.
My husband used to protest the fact that I was in love with Halloween - this year he's even getting into it. Actually "into" it - kinda weird but yea - I'm also a bit of a Christmas nut but I defiantly love Halloween because it kinda symbolizes fall for me.
Anyway, Tomorrow I'll be doing a Family shoot and I'll post some of those pictures up.
for now - enjoy a glimpse into my life...
Yep - below that is a Canon - I Know I love my Nikons but I love my Canon Camcorder too. I'm not one of the people who will fight to the death about who is better. I believe they both make beauitful cameras and that people really shouldn't waste all that time arguing over who is better... Think about all the time you could be shooting, instead of arguing.


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