Saturday, October 9, 2010

GobbleGobbleGobble... Logo.

Happy Turkey Weekend all you Canadians out there!
Yep - it's Thanks Giving, the time of year that has always marked Fall's arrival for me. Mini pumpkins and candles. Turkey and cranberries (mmm... cranberries) Oh - and Gravy. okay - and stuffing...!
Leaves everywhere, trees golden red, yellow and brown. Pumpkins on the doorsteps, awaiting the end of October.
And with a change of subject...
Also - Brand Change. Official Logo/Branding!!!
I liked the brand I had - except I was finding ... since I opened the bizz a wee months ago... that as I've slowly grown with my photographic endevours, the Brand wasn't reflecting me. So I changed it. And I like it and I'm sticking to it!
Hope you like it too.
Also - you may have noticed the watermarks on my pictures have been all over the map, that was my way of working through the logo change. Seeing them on my work and trying to figure out what I seriously liked. So after an entire month and a bit, of sitting in front of my computer or sketching logos all over my books... I finally decided on the brand of the buisness. Orginally I wanted to highlight "bella" but then as I looked at it the "j" was dead in the middle of my name, so I bumped the J up and bam, you get the Brand of Bella Johnson Photography.
Thanks for reading and here's a few Turkey Day (part I) photos...

PS - Stayed tuned, cause tomorrow I'll be posting the Full post of the Langley Equestrian Portraits.


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