Thursday, October 14, 2010

Run by paper.

I've never been so surrounded by paper. My life is now somehow run on paper.
I've never had a calendar predicting my every move, I've never had to say to people "let me check our schedule", I've never been RUN by notes.
It's like my head got replaced by a cork board and my thoughts got their own post-it notes.
I have emails coming and going, and I have to admit, sometimes I have a hard time knowing who is who! Especially when it's just a few emails back and forth. So I keep every email, so I make sure I know that person, that I can remember how great of a person they are.
On top of my paper problem - I have two sets of fiances to organize now, baby squeals to listen to, dog trying to sneak onto the couch and making cookies for my husband. haha oh - and then there's the monster pile of clothes to deal with. but hey, who am I to complain, I think I got it pretty good!
I'm also going to be giving this super-dopper cool business success thing a listen to, I forgot the name of it but my future father-in-law gave it to me and I'm really excited about it!!!
Think I'll give it a try now... here's some pix of hangin' out today.
Tomorrow I have a family shoot, the first of four I have in the next week and a half! So excited for tomorrow though, Will and Jytte! I did their maternity pix back in July!


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