Saturday, November 6, 2010

Goals & Lists. (personal blog)

I'm sorry - I defiantly have been sucking in the blog department, but that's okay, because the last few weeks I was on Halloween Hiatus. (I don't know if that's an excuse but it sounds good).
This past week all it's seemed like is me corralling all the decorations, putting them in their boxes, doing loads of laundry or dishes and telling my dog she makes a better wall than a window. Yea, my dog is one of those dogs... you know, the ones that think you're super cool and follow you ever where, or at least that is what I tell myself (that I'm cool) Ha!
Alright so if it isn't enough craziness, I also have spent the better part of this week giving my website an overhaul... I know. I just can't settle, I think it has somethign to do with my crazy Type-A personality! (jk, or not)
I want something awesome. But more than anything, I want something me... I can literally build a website in a matter of a day, but would is hold my essence in it? Probably not. So I'm working on it.

Upcoming stuff - This Sunday I'm doing a photoshoot with a good friend of mine that is a Vancouver fashion designer and is getting popular (I heart him) - It's been the product of work over the past few weeks between us. I will include all credits when I post that coming blog.

Along with a few other things, you all will get to enjoy my face (:P) while checking out my new promo shots. (Launching with my new site)

On a Side Note - tonight I ate kettle corn and watched a movie (by myself) - don't laugh. Ok, even I giggled. Giggle is a weird word.


I will pick up my blogging for sures this month. My goal is something crazy like 5 blogs a week. (Yea, I got goals :P)

Goals are a great thing to have though, if you don't write goals I would highly recommend it, I find it makes you as a person realize what you want, when you want it and how to get what you want.
For me I write short term and long term goals and with my short terms I try to accomplish them within a 3 month time frame. That way it gives my mind and body something to work towards and after I have done it, I feel I wanst being lazy :P (I'm joking but it is wonderful and I do recommend)You defiantly feel a sense of accomplishment when you can check it off that list.

Speaking of lists, who's written there Christmas list?
I sure have. Here's a few must haves for me, generally I'm pretty good for Christmas but this year there are a few must-haves (hubby, are you reading this?)



yep so there's my "OMG I GOTTA HAVE"
haha, in all fairness, I have wanted those Cardy Uggs a long time. I'm a big Ugg fan, I have the classics but I have always eyed those Cardys. Uggs are my best friend in shoe-world, if you went up to any of my family/friends and asked what shoes I wear, they would *sigh* and say "her uggs" (hey, you can't deny something that is awesome.)

Alright well that was a lengthy post!!
Hope you're all enjoying the cold, November weather!

Here is a photo I took last week and never got a chance to share with you all. Hope you enjoy, the fog was insanely creepy!


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