Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I love U DinoFoot. (personalblog)

I love you Dinofoot.

So I waited till 1 am for him to get home and all I got was "I love you, Dinofoot." Dinofoot? Yes, I got called Dinofoot.

You see I have these slippers - sorta ugly, awkwardly large, pink Dinosaur feet slippers. They are the most awesome slippers I have ever had, I will Tell you why...
There has been several opportunities where they have almost been done away with (they have a loose sparkly toe, with stuffing comming out) but every time I had that chance, I slipped them in the closet or put them in a box. Saving my poor Dinofeet from extinction.
My Dad bought them from me, this may scare you, 8 years ago *cringe*. As I've said - they've almost met their end several times. I suppose any "sane" person would have thrown them away by now but I just One:I have yet to find another pair of pink, fluffy, sparkly toed Dionfoot Slippers. And Two: I feel if I throw them out at this point, they'd be so depressed sitting in a landfill.
Hey - I'd be depressed to if I had to sit in a landfill for the rest of my life. After 8 years, I can't part with them!
When taking photos for this blog I noticed the back heel has come apart, I guess it's time for another patch job from my sewing department. Pretty good since I haven't repaired them in 4 years!
So you all are sitting there, and thinking, "wow, she's a crazy, who blogs about 8 years old slippers." Well - I maybe slightly crazy but at least I have the most awesome pair of Dinofeet out there!


I want an Ipad... adds to christmas list! lol


Photobucket They are the most ugly awesome things ever!

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