Monday, November 29, 2010

Memory Lane Mondays 2 (Personal Blog)

So here we are, a whole weeks gone by since I started Memory Lane Mondays... and here's another...

"When I was little there was a big Christmas tree outside my grandparent's house and every year it would be decorated with pretty lights. Not those LED, green-eco friendly lights. Real glass, big bulbs that go so hot, you needed it to stay below zero to keep the tree from going up... those type of pretty lights. Unforunatley my grandfather ended up chopping it down about 10 years ago, and yes, it was sad and yes, there's still the hole in the ground from it but I believe there was something wrong with it. Or at least that's what they told me...
SO, I was inspired to post on Christmas lights because our townhouse complex is having a light decorating contest this year!
The president of the strata was out decorating yesturday for it. In fact my husband, who is actually good friends with him, sat and watched him in envy and every time Robert put something else shiny and cool up, my husband gushed out and said "LOOK, LOOK WHAT HE'S GOT OUT NOW? IS THAT RED AND GREEN SPOT LIGHTS!? OH IT'S ON,BABY, IT'S ON..." We just bought this place in March of this year, so from what we knew, Robert wasn't quite the decorator. Turns out he is and he's in it to WIN it. So my husband's defense, go out and get lights tomorrow to kill Robert with Christmas Light Explosion. I'll keep you posted on exactly what happens, so far, Robert has no idea that my husband is out to beat him... AWKWARD!"

Tree on the right was our outdoor Christmas Tree. Tree across the street, I don't think it's around anymore either...

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