Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Reassured Date. (personal-blog)

Yesterday was a great day - until I got home and exchanged a short conversation with my husband that made me - well, the news wasn't that great. In fact, it sorta sucked - big time.
Here I was coming off my photo high and - WHAM - real world! Long story short - I'd tell you the news but as of right now, I can't. I don't even want to think of it to be honest, I'm not the sorta of person who deals with negative situations well. I'd generally love to avoid them by being happy and nice. Hate conflict, I'll do anything to resolve problems, as long as the other party is resolvable (yes, sometimes their not but at least I try). Suppose that's a good trait.
But just now, I got a phone call from my husband and is was reassuring. Very reassuring. So, it'll be taken care of, but seriously, how come when you are trying to move on, you get more stuff thrown at you (I want in my bubble). Or is that just the way life is suppose to be, to keep you on your toes?
I don't know, but I like my world MUCH better. Yea, it's that world, with rainbows and butterflies - well - not really, more like rock concerts and chick flicks...


What I would also like to address in this blog aswell, other than the turmoils of life, My New Website Launch. ... urrr yea, I've left that very open for myself. Next Week is what I've told everyone.
Well that says alot, dosn't it?
I'd like to put a date on it. I'm liking Tuesday. So... who else likes Tuesday?

ALRIGHT so TUESDAY, NOVEMEBER 17TH (Yes, I'll even stay up and press the 'go live' button at 12am.

As far as the website stands now, I'd give it 99%, I'll probably find that 1% in the next few days and come, now Tuesday, we will be a rawring to go!

I Suppose in lou of the new Launch I should offer a deal/package. I'll post that Monday. So stay tuned...

These photos at the Bottom are of Me, thus I did not take them and they are courtesy of Jessica White.

Thanks for stopping by! Listenting to my rant, blogging always makes me feel better.



  1. Where do you have your prints ordered? (or do you?)

  2. Hi Amy,
    I do get prints done, but I have a local Professional Print Store I do them at. It's alot more convient then waiting for shipping and they give me a discount, so the prices are very good from what is out there on the web. However, I have heard good things about WHCC (, they'll send you samples to so you an get a feel :) Hope that helps!


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