Monday, November 15, 2010

Vancouver Portraits - Danielle M. 11.12.10 (photoblog)

You probably saw the teaser I put in the blog a post or so ago, I just wanted to spend the time in this blog to explain and write about how the photoshoot went on Friday...
Danielle (Danny) is such a great person, she is so bubbly and fun, I dare you to try to get sick of her... cause you can't!!
She is just that awesome!
I had alot of fun taking her photos, she's easy to work with and she's so pretty, any camera-head would love her! haha!

Photobucket This photo kinda dug into my brain a bit, you see alot of her beauty and the photo to me, comes off very raw with emotion.


Photobucket I love her face. It's def. an edgy photo but I'm liking it.

Photobucket I was surprised when I found this photo when editing, I truly hadn't remembered taking it!


Photobucket I lied my head down and camera along the train tracks to get this angle, while focusing on her to get the effect I wanted.

Photobucket I love this photo. I find it completely cute :)


Photobucket Lied down again on the wet rocks, so worth it :P

Photobucket Beautiful Danny!


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