Thursday, November 18, 2010

We All Sleep G-O-O-D (personalblog)

I just woke up, well I woke up at 1pm, but you get the point. Do not scrutinize me, everyone loves to sleep in. At least in my house they do. Yea, that includes my baby and my dog. We all stay up late and sleep in, though usually only till 10am. 1pm is probably the most we've ever slept in together.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that today is a dark day. Very cloudy and very rainy. Their calling for snow next week and ... Holy, it's SNOWING OUTSIDE right now!!!! I just looked out my office window!
Kay - that was a blunt surprise, maybe my family shoots next weekend will be snow-shoots! ha!
Anyway, I can hardly remember now what I was trying to talk about, probably nothing as interesting as snow...
BC is really gearing up for a scary snow season, it's suppose to be serious-bad this winter. Last winter we got NO snow here in Vancouver. There was one day, it was over night and it was gone the next morning. I don't think I've ever gone through a winter here where there hasn't been snow in January or February, but last year was very warm. And I can't believe that there's actually snow outside my house right now.
Who can tell I just woke up? *gargle*
Alright, so this post was nothing how I planned! If there was a plan!
Happy Thursday everyone!


Here's a couple photos from this morning of my 7 mnth old! Crazy personality!
Did I mention I have created a camera monster? Yea, she was not this happy before she saw my camera.



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