Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Rush + sneak peek (personal)

Guess there's going to be TWO blogs today. Since I just missed the cut for Sunday - haha. Anyway.
I know. I know.
Not a ton of blogging going on...
I have a goal of 5 blogs a week but Christmas is blowing that away.
Another note for christmas - I do not have my christmas shopping done yet. This is the first year EVER! that I do not have my shoppoing done by Dec 15th.
One word. SAD.
I know. It's bad. Maybe even possibly illegal... well, at least where my family is concerned.
I have uh - 5 days? till Christmas. Pifft. that's LOTS of time! (no - it's not but I keep telling myself that so this "situation" seems okay)
Today I had a busy day of shooting with Laura and Shawn in New West for almost 2 hours! and Birthday Dinner for my Husband who will be ... haha ... 26! Very soon, days away!
I did have a present for him. I got him the first season of Third Watch, he really likes that show for some reason. I figured I'd buy him the first season so I could watch it with him so I don't sit through re-runs and always ask stupid questions. Yea, I'm that type of person who sits there and asks questions the entire way through. even if I know what's going on. (now you all hate me, don't you?)
IT's A HABIT! I can't help it. I like talking...
as you've probably noticed.

Moving on. Photoshoot.
Very good! Sun was out, added a warm tinge to other wise cool-io photos. hate that blueish/purpleish tinge, gotta always make myself work with that white balance. Grrr. So yea, sun helped me out today.
Other than that, dinner at Sharkey's in Ladner (very good btw). Fun times!

Alright here's a sneaky at Shawn and Laura... (sneaky is not a word I have ever used before. for the record.)


Memory Lane Mondays later today... haha...

ALSO 2011 promos to be annouced Tuesday!

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