Thursday, December 30, 2010

Creating Your Own Space! (personal)

Tomorrow is New Years! I'll have a post for that, but in the mean time I felt a little inspired to post this... I've had this post around a while so I'm catching up...

Inspiration. Light. Pattern. Creativity. Display. Organization. Clean. Oxygen. Vintage.

I did do a blog on my new studio space a while back, But I really didn't talk in depth of my inspiration and design around it. All I said was it went from awful periwinkle to snowdrift white and really, who cares about that? I don't know if you guys will enjoy this post but I was sorta "inspired" (there's that word again) to write one, when I was sitting in here, staring around at all the things I put in it to make it my own. So here goes... this is just what did it for me, I'm sure you all have your own unique styles and peices you would do differently...

I've gone from a frumpy, messy, *cough* Ugly, unorganized pile of you know what. To an organized oasis of Organization and Inspiration.
So I figured I'd sorta explain my first renovation and how we *err* I completed it.
(My Husband did pitch in the muscle department, but I mostly had full control and for that, I thank him.)
So welcome to a Bella Johnson Studio Space of Inspiration...

First, I think everyone should start with vision and Inspiration!
I knew from the moment I had that reno money I wanted my work space to be light, airy and Inspiring.
So I started with my board to Ideas, Inspiration. Usually taken from the pages of wedding magazines or magazines in general. Inspirational photos that incorporated not only the photos I loved but my style.
TIP: Always have a stack of magazines at your dispolsal to look through, even if your spouse is over your shoulder hounding you to throw out old magazines. DONT! haha


Flashes of An accent color, taken from my website and blog and truly inspired by my first electric guitar "pinky". As a muscian as well, I feel I had to put Creatvity in the space to influence more creativity. So I added an element that allows me to pick up my guitars any time I want. This also shows off a side of my personality and interests, just by adding something I loved for so long, and still do. Music.


- Pattern/paisley -
My website has pasiley accent as a slightly there palet. Thus I could not help but jump a little when I came across pasiley wall hangings, that now cover a wall with interest, rather than the boring corner it used to be. These I found at, yea, your gonna say 'wha' for a $1 each! Seriously, there really hard/thick plastic too and cute designs!


A funky lamp from Ikea, white walls and you have light, add a ten foot balcony and window and you have MORE than enough light.
Light, can also describe feelings. And I wanted it to be light and airy feeling even on the darkest, most depressing Vancouverite Days.



I have a white suspending bar that hangs photographs that I can easily interchange. Usually I put up my newest work or a photo I love and keep it there for, you guessed it, More Inspiration...


Orangization and clean lines, it's something I sorta lack. Well, I shouldn't say lack. I'm very organized when dealing with teh business, it's the house cleaning I'm sorta a fail-boat at. My husband dosn't really make it that easy, but I try my best and alot of people think it's clean, when I'm sitting there saying "ignore my messy house".
Maybe I'm a little bit of a perfectionist. But organization says alot about a person and how they run there business so a clean, organized, uncluttered space is best to keep and I find keeps your work and productivity at a better level. But who am I to talk, I've only have a buisness for 7 months!


- notice paisely organizers. plus cute! that helps.

Oxygen, we all need it. So add it to a space, it'll keep you awake and happ :)
For me. They die. I'm sorry, but when Im givin a plant it ends up dying over night becuase it's probably so scared for it's life from just being given to me.
So I bought a cactus, that has grown 3 inches since I bought it.
Finally! I found my soul-mate in plants. Plus cacti, totally in right now!
Cacti = awesome. Highly reccomend. They make great accents as well.


Last but not least, VINTAGE Touches!
If you read my blog, you know I may mention vintager everyone once in a while. I wear a vintage key around my neck, I used to sell vintage items. I love funky little vintage nicknacks and cool little finds! So Vintage is something I had to put in my space. Not for everyone but definatley for me!


Thanks for reading my post on how I was inspired and what I encorporated in my studio space to get it so I could stand looking at it. So I didn't feel so depressed evertimg I walked in the room, and where I could work without banging my head against the desk!

<3 -bella

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