Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maggie The Mexican Dog. (personalblog)

I just finished giving our Mexican Immigrant a bath. She's never had a bath at our house. We took her to lakes in the summer and I believe my husband gave her a hose bath when she first arrived. Other than that, she came freshly groomed from the Mexico Dog Shelter, Baja Dogs La Paz.
It was basically a fail attempt. I put the fast, intelligent, 55 pound mutt in the shower with me and attempted to throw soap on her, rub it in and wash it off.
Seriously bathing my little bichon, is much easier and I used to think that was hard... ha ha ha.
As soon as Maggie got out of the tub, which I attempted to make her stay there till I was somewhat dry again. She bolted out and ran from the bathroom. Wiping her face and body in dirty laundry and dragging her slimy face across our fresh sheets.
My husband, who works nights, and grumpily says"Can't you be quieter...I'm trying to sleep! You always come in here and make a ton of noise when I've just been up since 6am..."
Maybe I should have gave her a bath in the bathroom down the hall, not the en suite?
I opened the bedroom door quietly and the darn dog ran out, hit her face into a wall and made a b-line for my office. She rolled all over the baby blanket on the floor that Jocelynn sits on when I'm working and then pressed her nose to the glass and stared at the kids playing outside. Then whined.
Can you say exhausting?
Then I felt bad for her, so I let her go outside to play with the kids. At first they all scattered away as she came bounding up, panting. Then she finds one little boy that takes a risk with the over-friendly dog. She sits right down in front of him, "Why is your dog dirty?"
I stare at him, "She just had a bath."
He shook his head, "She's dirty."
He then asked me a question I hear alot when it comes to Maggie, "Is she a retriever?"
- I think she's ridgeback/lab, but who knows? We call her Mexican.
What do you guys think??

Maggie's name tag that we just got for her.

Discracing our house with her wet body. At least she's started acting like a dog. She used to be afraid and very freaklishly non-dog like. Guess all this Canadian Luxory has beaten it out of her.

I had no idea a dog body could be so deformed from shaking. Look at her eyes in that one photo. Their cross eyed!!

The little boy as he told me my dog was still dirty...

Maggie is the best kid dog you'll ever meet. I would trust her with Jocelynn any day, any time. She will always go to kids first and she thrives off their energy. She was running around with them outside and when she got inside she ran upstairs, jumped on our bed and licked my husbands face. Do I have to quote what he said after that one... I forgot to clost the door, sorry, sweetie.


  1. shes very sweet Bronwyyn, an awesome dog, as far as the breed maybe shes a chidingo a chiwowau x dingo
    ha ha

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