Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy Busy Weekend! (personal)

I'm still considering it sunday - since today went super fast. err. Correction - this entire weekend went fast. From Friday on.
Friday I met Cecilia Fleming from Cecilia Fleming Photography, She was pretty cool and we both seem to share an interest of talking and photography (obviously). I'll be one of the photographers at her Trash The Dress on Feb 26th, which I'm UBER!!! excited about. (couldn't tell right?)
Saturday rolled around, I mean, Saturday flew around with the fashion acessory shoot by Sumit Prasad!! I took photos from 12.30 - 4 pm, in rain, cold, mud and mist and it was amazing. Amazing as in so fun, only suggestion - make sure you're ready for that weather. I wore insulated muck boots that I ride in (horses) and a huge, over size flannel jacket that did me well. My red toque too, which apparently now makes me recognizable to people?? I don't know but I've had two people say like, I knew who you were from your toque. HAHA! I didn't know I made that a "Bella Johnson" Symbol??
Sunday I woke up and did my hair, found my dress pants baried underneath my life in clothes in our room and got myself to the Church for a Christening! and then After Party. They were very nice, giving people and even gave me food to take home! omg awesome and yep, good! I ate it like as soon as I got home - well shared it since they gave me alot and there's still alot left. haha breakfast.
Oh - did I mention I've completed 4 (err 5) weeks of Sun Run Training!! all in a row! mayjor dedication on my part to get fit and run those 10km!!
Anyway, you can see my weekend = very busy.

SO happy Monday Everyone!! (since I'll now except it's existance)

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