Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Home Based Office Mom. (personal)

I have a 9 month old. I can't believe that it's been 9 months... She went from a crying, pooping, back laying little 9 pound baby to crawling, chewing, one toothing, climbing 9 month old!

Amazing how far they come in 9months.

She says "Dada" "Doggie" and apparently "Mama" but only when I'm not around (apparently, according to "Dada")

She crawls over to Maggie, eats her ear and pokes her in the side. Maggie's response, turn on to back and see if the 9month old will pet my stomach. If she won't, then I will lick the babies face till she moves on. Then she starts to crawl away, I'll follow and make sure she's safe.

Today I made our first "baracade" in the living room, blocking entrance to the Kitchen. Since the "9month" old thinks it's funny to take off into the kitchen, find one crumb the Dog missed and put it in her mouth, usually getting away with it. So yea, Baracade time.

She can now chew foods and knows not to choke herself. Somehow she found out how to break up food on her gums, cause her first tooth JUST appeared a week ago. It's one darn sharp tooth.

Now she's eating crackers and chewing fruits.
Amazing how insterested she always been in solid food but now she can safetly eat it.

A week after Christmas she started to refuse to drink Formula. Like throwing the bottle at fits in my face. Angry with any bottle I gave her. Then I pulled the jug of milk out of the fridge out of desperation and she drank it fine and dandy.

So lots of fruits, veggies and milk for this 9month old!

I know some people may think that it's a little young to drink milk but the doctor is cool with it and so is she. So no more over expensive formula cans and coupon collecting to save $5 off each one. Milk is also much easier to prepare and ALOT better tasting. Maybe that's why she started to hate formula so much, there was too much good tasting food out there to not justify Formula.

I don't know if you've ever tasted it but it's NASTY. Like metal keys and bad milk. Seriously - it's gag worthy. Milk must be such a nice change for her.

So on top of everything, her toys have taken over half of our living room and I clean twice as much as I ever have and I have a feeling that battle will never end.

And yet... somehow I want to take on more work?
Home based office with a 9month old usually looks ALOT like this... its more like a baby-run.






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