Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ice is for Skating (personal)

I live only 5 minutes away. Yet - I've never seen this.
We we're heading out to my dad's old farm house (stay tuned for a photo tour of that cool little place). Traffic started to back up. my husband turned off my CD and turned it to AM 730 to figure out what was going on... even though I protested and said there was no turning back anyway...
What we came across a few minutes later was hundreds of cars and trucks parked along the side of the road, with hundreds of kids and parents out on what is usually filled with the year-round ducks and geese.
Kids were racing around the ice, with Hockey sticks and without. Mom's with baby strollers and little dogs skidding across what -5'C can do a little duck sanctuary.
It looked so cool, I could see kids as far as I could see, all out skating on the ice.
Apparently, Ice is for Skating. And apparently I have gotten very good at, "stop the truck, I need to get a photo of this!"
Next year, I want to do this...





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