Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In My Head. Enjoy Your Visit. (personal)

Yesturday I wrote a blog about how tired I was from trying to get my businesses off the ground. Not tired of the businesses themselves - but of the amount of energy I put in to over the past few weeks.
I said I may have wanted a break from my social media, but what I needed was a pick me up.
I'll be completely honest. I was tired of people yesturday. And more specifically, I was tired of people not following through. (aka, flakey people)
I was breaking my head open for something I had NO control over.
And maybe these blogs are a definate way to get inside my brain. Ever since I had that photographer email me about well - you know. I've been on this 'let's call it as it is' binge.
If I could go out and take people's photos everyday - I would. But it's the winter, days are slower. I must accept.
I have a photoshoot Saturday!
I'm so grateful to know the people I know, and to meet the clients I have, that sometimes I forget that all that "work" I put in, is actually insanley AWESOME!
While back I wrote a blog about success, even though I only offered a few ideas on it. I'm not nearly as successful as I plan to be. I'm probably not even a quarter of the way there, but I feel I will be, some day... some day soon.

Maybe you'd like a little more background on my personality so you can stop reading my blogs and scratching your head...
*I was born in Virgina, US (but I'm a Canadian, citizenship and all)
*I grew up with divorced parents (not bitter about it, I had a great life with it like that)
*I had only a few friends, a close circle that I LOVED and still LOVE.
*I got to ride horses for 8 years of my life! (that is amazing, but when you're a kid, how do you really appriciate that? I should have more than I already did)
*Every christmas I wished for my own horse. (you are welcome to read my diaries)
*I've strived my whole life to find what I was meant to do. I think just now that I'm finding that place...
*I picked up a professional camera in 2009.
*I dream BIG, when I was young I dreamt of my own barn, my own truck, my future babies and my future husband.
*I was in a RockBand. No seriously, full on bass player in a very good band. I played in pubs from the age of 15-18 years old. Not something everyone gets to experience as a kid. (though I never did get my drink tickets ... haha)
*I've had my fair share of ups and downs.
*I moved away from my mom at age 17 to live with my grandparents, and I still think my little brother hates me a little for it.
*I graduated with good grades, and the only thing I ever failed - French 11- please, don't get me started on French 11
*I'm not that old, and those of you who know me, know how old I really am (maybe I'll keep it a secret) I just know I seem and act alot older than I really am.
*I was the Artsy girl that got straight A's in art (really my strong place in life) but drove all my art teachers mad since I'd change their projects to what I thought they should be... sorry guys...
*I love spaghetti
*I love to run (they balance each other out)
*I love my house
*I love my life (Do I still dream bigger? Yea.)
*One thing you'll notice about me, I never settle. If I reach one goal, I keep reaching for another.

I read this tonight and it really put some stuff in perspective for me.
When I read this/heard it, I realised man, that is so true. That is the next star or hope or goal. That's how I run my life. I'm not saying it always works, but darn - chances scare people - they scare me - but seriously. Sometimes you just gotta Jump. man you should see the inside of my motivation journal - you'd all shake me and scream 'what's the matter with ya' haha

- haha if you're sick of all this yammering, and want more photos, don't worry Saturday is just around the corner. Keep on rocking and stay strong guys!-

thanks for reading.

this is the truck that has been in my thoughts since i was 12 years old. And now it sits in our driveway and that I still can't quite grasp.
when we went to go look at the Bronson truck, I literally ran out of our Jimmy to it, like it was about to disappear if I didn't get there quick enough and though it's a big investment, I know everything happens for a reason.


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