Monday, January 3, 2011

Memory Lane Mondays 6 (Personal Blog)

I found another album...
So - what is this memory lane monday about??... it's about before I was around. So naturally. I can't tell you a whole lot but I do know one thing, the hair and the outfits... we're darn bad... but it looked fun, too bad I was stuck in 90's with bad track pants and neon colors!
And since it's darn cold outside... maybe these will warm you up, or be thankful for 2011 fashion sense... whatever!

My Parents Wedding Photos. And I just realized once scanning that my great-grandpa is sitting the background. He died when I was little at 96 years old (I believe) but then again I was little...

My Ama frozen in the late 80's...looks like my baby shower... dosn't it?

My two grandpa's. Looking nothing like they do now. Well, maybe grandpa (on the left) but Gugu (right) has no hair and a very gray go-tee (I don't know how to spell that word... give me a break.)Also taken I suppose, getting ready for my parent's wedding.

My Mom at my baby shower. Look it's bad pants they made me wear!

( Seriously - I'm just waiting for my family to sue err... love me? for putting these crazy photos up of them! )

<3 Bella.


  1. Your Dad didn't *seriously* wear those pants at his wedding did he?! LOL And I thought my Dads yellow groomsmen suits were bad XD lol

  2. Yea Belinda I think he did. haha! I think they did a dress change though, since he was orginally wearing his Navy uniform at the ceremony! lol

  3. LOL
    Is it bad I noticed your dad has a hounds' tooth like pattern on his pants and I actually thought they were cool.... because I love that pattern so much?!

    oh man the clothes they made me wear in the 80's... stir up pants... yikes! lol


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