Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Memory Lane Mondays 7 - LATE! (Personal Blog)

Man I'm bad! I had this baby all ready to go and guess what I forget to do.. press "publish post" so it's 12.30 am Tuesday Morning and I remember damn... I forgot to push that button!

Kay so maybe you'll forgive me?
OR... maybe not.
But this post is on my Dad...
He was in the Navy. I came along a couple years and bit later. He was in Virginia, my mom followed him. Young love. All that jazz. (Oh, yea, that makes me American - just for the record)
When I was little I was terrified of thunder or loud noises. I think now it was becuase when I was baby we lived where the Navy Jets flew over our house. Maybe it emotionally scared me? Uh- or maybe I'm overly dramatic?
Anyway, this is about my Dad and the ship he was on. He was on something called a "destroyer" (yea - real friendly) and my grandpa (Dad's Dad) was on the fighter jet ships. He worked on the jets.
So here's this "destroyer" that I found photos of... they all had little descriptions on the back of the photos so I'll jot them down by the pictures they go with...

Destroyer - Dad's Ship

"Bunk. June 87"


"Water Tight Door" (also very friendly)

Cannot read writting maybe "Bridge" - hey, I'm not the one in the Navy. How am I suppose to know.

Cheers Guys!

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