Thursday, January 13, 2011

Newbie World : The Reality

I thought People KNEW this but...

Do I know what I'm doing? Yep.
Do I have equipment that cost me almost an arm and a leg? Yep.
Do I have clients contacting me and setting up bookings? Yep.
Do I get random emails from people who really arn't interested in my photography? Yep.
Do I answer everyone fairly and friendly? Yep.

But I'm here today to not talk about clients, or business or even if I know what I'm doing or not.
I've noticed One Common trend in this business (photography) and I'm sure it pulls through with A LOT of businesses. Your Competetion.

I got a nasty email yesturday from another Vancouver photographer. He basically summed up that I wasn't a real photographer cause I hadn't been doing this long enough! Then signed the letter with a real nice sarcastic name.

I didn't start this blog to showcase how great of a photographer I was, I started this blog to show I was a REAL photographer and more importantly, a REAL person. Half of my posts have nothing to do with my photography. Most of it is just about me and what I'm doing, what I've done and what I hope to do.

So what, I'm a "newbie", who are people to say who is a photographer or not??

Why do I get snarky looks from other photographers when I'm out on shoots and they are too?
Why do I get nasty emails from people I don't even know?
Why do people go out of their way to NOT be nice?

Seriously, I'm writting this becuase I want all the "Newbie" Photographers coming in to know what it's like. It's not all bubblebum and lollipops. You have to be strong and not care about what other people say to you.
There will always be people who don't like your style.
Or don't like your personality.

There will always people who DO like you! and that will hire you! Who are excited for you to take their photos!

I will NEVER go out of my way to email a new photographer, or "OLDIE" for that matter, to write them some nasty letter... If anything, I will email them saying I love their work and hope to meet them one day! (and I do do that)
I strongly believe there's a thing people often FORGET 'Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You ', no really, it's VERY TRUE!

You wouldn't want someone emailing you saying mean, nasty things to you with no reason, would you? So why would you do that to someone else?
Same goes for Judging others on situations you, yourself are not in. You do not know that person or their life. So I recommend, do not Judge.
Food For Thought.

Now there is only a handful of reasons people will go out of their way to be nasty...
1) Their Jealous
2) Their Jealous & Are Bitter about themselves
or 3) Their Jealous, Bitter and don't have good Karma.

Karma ALWAYS pays you back.
Going out of your way to help people WILL always come back to YOU!
Reaching out to others will ALWAYS make you feel good!
Donating Services and Volunteering makes you a stronger, better person!
And what does that do - Makes Your buisness and your self worth, much higher than some bitter, old person sitting on their computer Upset about life.
And then you wonder why the New photographers are coming and taking your business?

I didn't Write this to upset others. I wrote this so others know I won't be beaten down or made to feel hurt for something I haven't done anything WRONG with!

I've done alot for my short time on this Earth, and I hope to do much more!
I have always been ambitious, and always will.
When I'm determined - I am determined, and generally NOTHING will get in my way.

So Next question? How do you let that go?
Well, your either don't or realize people generally only care about themselves, and only pretend to care about other people. I believe I'm in this world to find and work with others that geninely CARE about others and to not let anyone else rain on that parade.

So bring on that Sunshine and shine!

Thanks for everyone who reads, supports my facebook account and appriciates my work!
Love and Peace!

-bella johnson


  1. Aw... sorry to hear you got a nasty email. I've experienced that here and there as well.
    I really don't understand the need for other photographers to be "nasty". It's not a big competition between photographers. I love collaborating with other photographers, shooting together for fun, helping each other out, sharing advice, etc. I have learned so much from "experienced" photographers and learn alongside other "newbies". I never feel like they're my competition.

    Don't worry! Newbies rock! And if clients are contacting you, that means they like YOUR work and want YOU! Your style/creativity and how you shoot will attract the type of clients you want. Don't let a snooty photographer get you down. :)

  2. That honestly really made me angry to read that.
    I am angry that someone would treat not only YOU badly, but to treat someone like that in general?

    Question for the OLDIE: Hey don't we ALL start out as "Newbies?" oh excuse me - to be relevant I guess I should say it "N00bies"
    and what defines a "REAL" photographer?
    If you take the pictures that please YOURSELF and your CLIENTS then that's what the big picture is!
    To me that's real.

    I can say that I certainly would not be recommending him/her to anyone due to their poor judgment and personal character.

    I believe everyone has something to bring to this world - young and old.

    Just keep doing what you do because I support it and think it's FAB!

  3. Point of this post is to not anger anyone but to show what people can be like for no reason and how to overcome it!
    We just need to be strong and realize these things will always be there but to not let it get to you.

    -bella johnson (bella johnson photography)

  4. Thank you for writing this. There are a lot of photographers that are "experienced or Oldies" as you put it. Some are truly great people and do what they can to help and encourage others. However, there are just as many that do not want more competition, and don't want to continue their education and work to make sure their work is constantly getting better, which is something that newbies are always doing. As newbies we live to learn and to shoot and every shoot makes us a better photographer.

    The people that are mean are usually the ones that found a style, can rock it without even thinking about it, and they do. but they never get any better, they stay constant. they tend to be a lot about money and not caring for their clients and giving their clients the best images they can give them. this is not always the case, but it usually is with the mean ones. I was lucky enough to go to creativelive with tamara lackey (a photographer I have followed for years and is one of the top childrens photographers like ever) she talked about constantly continuing to learn and to push herself to create something new. That is how we should all be, whether we have been in business for 2 days, or 20 years. That's my personal two cents. or 5 dollars...this is a long comment :-)

    overall, ignore the negative nancys-they are worried that while they stay constant you are getting better and better and better and eventually you will surpass them. im glad you took the time to post is so true.


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