Sunday, January 16, 2011

Success and it's Secrets (personal)

I read, watch, hear, and see people do things everyday that are full of negative energy and negative words. They complain about their life, their lack of money, their spouse or lack there of, their parents and how they did so much wrong to them when they were growing up... ect...

I read people's Satus' on Facebook full of "I hate life. I want out", "Don't want to go to work tomorrow", "I just want it all to end...", "I'm Sick, and it keeps getting worse."
Though facebook I find invites Negative energy, it's a place for people to unload it is very impressionable. Not only on yourself but on your life and the people READING it! haha!

So When I see people so full of anger about their lives, I have to feel sad or sorry for them. That they can't see what they have - that's good in life...

People who blame their parents 30 years later, after you've moved out, had kids, gotten a divorce, cheated and you still think the world owes you something and even more, you think your parents do! So take advantage and feel even worse...
I think there's a point where... when do you let that go? When do you move on? or how do you?

You want success, you want to have that house, that car, that amazing feeling, that PERFECT life... you don't want negative thoughts, yet you find yourself thinking negative things and in negative ways... and then something else horrid happens. Did you ever think those things may be connected?

Alot of us don't. But I learned from an early age that just becuase I had devorced parents and hard times, did not mean I had to surround myself in agony and negativity. I often removed myself from those situations and lived in my own world. A place I wasn't surrounded with those thoughts/feelings.

So how does one allow success and prosperity into their lives. SIMPLE.
(and you're probably laughing) If you tired these things, you'd not only feel better, you're life would improve. (and please - try them and spare me from reading any more depressing facebook updates...ha.ha.)

1) Understand that you Control your Future and everything that Happens. With your thought and Action, your promt descisions and feelings!

2) Allow your Imagination and thoughts to Soar as they are designed to do (AKA - STOP DWELLING)

3) Using GOALS (you know how much I obess over my goals) to invoke Courage and Imagine freely without Negative thought or energy. (you don't need that, so get rid of it!)

4) ACTION! Alot of people will have a great Idea but will not put it into play, they will sit and think of a thousand reasons how it could fail!
There IS NO failure!

So let's all move on and think more positively, there's way to many bad things in this world already, without you thinking you can't change your life. Happiness is just around the Corner!
Prosperity, Wealth and HAPPINESS! (remember facebook status' - put up something happy now)

I suggest writting a GOAL down on a card and looking at it at night, in the morning, a couple times a day and imagining yourself at that goal. Living that Goal.
You all may think I'm a little wacky but it freaking WORKS!



NOW IT's YOUR TURN, IF YOU ARN'T ALREADY! (worth a shot, right?)
<3 Bella

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  1. Great Post - I was 100% absolutely agree. Some people have constant negative statuses, and I wonder if they ever read back at how they sound?? It really is sad! Okay, yes, once and a while vent, but if every single one your statuses is a complaint its looks ridiculous!


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