Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Going on a Cowboy Road Trip... (personal)

You all know we have a big truck, you all know something about a hauling company, you all sit there and roll your eyes with how much I go on and on about it! ha!
Well, I think you're nightmares are not going to subside... We're going up past Meritt this weekend, -9 degrees anyone? and going to get our potential Horse Trailer. With a tiny but o' luck, we'll be driving the trailer home Saturday evening and be happy campers.
And though no one of you may care about Bronson, cause you're all here to read my "non-sensical" blog posts and follow my such "amazing" work (or maybe you are here to read about Bronson - horsey people?) But the good news to all my obessing over Bronson? PHOTOS! like I'm going to have tons of photos to share with you as we venture into BC interior in the middle of winter! haha. Pullys, winches and ice, oh my!
The other great thing about Bronson, I get to go all over and take photos of horses! (which are my true love since a wee-one)
So thank you all for your support and yes, I'm so proud of Bronson and it's only been a month and bit! haha!

50kms outside of Meritt here we come. Bright eye and bushy-tailed Saturday Morning. Stay posted!

If you're Interested.

thanks guys!

Maybe this means I can wear my cowboy cowgirl hat?


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