Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone! (personal)

What did I do this week?

Seriously? it's the end of the week already?

Bought a horse trailer.
I paid a bunch of bills (that's always fun)
Got mad at mastercard...
Then I reconciled and figured it out.
Cleaned the house.
Went for a 5 km run, that I'll be honest was one of those pain/pleasure moments in my life and still have another 5 km to get to where I want to be and will be soon! (though my feet were a bit swollen, so i heated and iced and they got better)
Answered some emails for some weddings and a few portrait sessions!
Started planning a horse haul... to Fort St. John in -30! (you're nose hairs freeze, that's what that means)
Wrote some of my book, got writers block, decided to read everything I wrote and then still had no ideas.
Took some photos of Jocelynn...
Had minor argument with husband over nothing. cause that's life.
Oh, I tried to collect all the random cups I could around the house and guess what, I have to do it again!
Cleaned my computer screen and then have had, for the last 3 days a constant battle to keep it running smoothly. I don't know what else can be done, luckily I store all my files on back up drives and never on my actual hard drive (this is exactly why).
Looked at iMac's.... man there's some money I don't really want to spend but do at the same time! haha
Then I realized, it's the end of the week! And on the 26th, I'm doing an awesome Trash the Dress day with some great photographers! I'm really excited to shoot some Brides and get that work up on the blog and website.
Oh, and I've been having thoughts about changing my website provider...

Geez...this week has involved alot of thought. (ooh and I exfoliated my face! beauty. beauty. beauty.)

Have a Fantabulous Weekend everyone!

my 100th blog post is next!!! what should i do? maybe I'll go somewhere and make it a special post (i think i should do that)! geez can't believe I'm almost at 100!!! WOW!


She's gonna be walking soon... SCARY THOUGHT!!

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