Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Motivation. Grab It By the Horns. (personal)

I'm sorta at a blank for ideas for a blog today. I wanted to do a blog but I can't really think of anything to write about - and I'm pretty sure you all are like... no please don't ramble on about what you ate for supper. So I'll talk about... by the way - I haven't ate supper yet. It's down stairs in the slow cooker (oh darn - i just talked about supper... haha)

Anyway, I thought I'd talk about Motivation?
Geez - I must be the only photographer out that writes about goals, motivation, postive energy and love. and then interjects everything with 'oh my greatness guys, guess what, i need a pick me up'.

Alright so, Motivation.
I know alot of people really stuggle with being motivated or working towards a goal. Maybe it's weight loss or even just something simple like *cough* keeping the house clean.

Yea, I'd like to say I'm totally great with Motivation. Cause with the Photography and Bronson. I am. I get'er Done! but not so much my house or my laundry or ... my dishes. I'm totally one sided/minded. I'm thinking, I want my goal so much that I don't see the mess in front of me?

Now granted, my house isn't "that" bad. I'd definatley rather be out on a photoshoot though, or hauling horses down a snowing highway but I just as much as you, struggle with Motivation.
But I think some people struggle with ANY motivation...

I have so much for my businesses. I act like the boss. I answer emails. Talk to people on the phone. Straight Forward ... and who ever said a straight forward person isn't good, is lying out their you know what!

So how do you motivate yourself? Like me in "cleaning" my house?
You have to WANT that something. Not just a little and not just because... you acutally have to mentally sit there, think, and sorta obsses about it.

Why does my mom keep her house so clean, cause she WANTS it that way. When something isn't clean, she won't sit down till it's the way SHE WANTS IT.

Why do you DO what you want? Why do you get'er done with some things and not others?

Well, I think it's the same in anything. If you want something bad enough, you grab it by the horns. You don't just walk into the ring and reach out, you grab that bull by the freaking horns!

That could be the cheeziest metaphor ever but it works for me.
Motivation right now - Running. I love it. I get out there and I never complain, negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. So after a YEAR of struggling with Motivation for running, I finally sat down and made a set shedual to my goal... 10km. And it's been 7 weeks and it's WORKING.
So as a recap, if you want to find Motivation for something you want in your life...
*Know what you want
*Make it a goal
*Put it in your Life as a set Shedual (write it down)
*Get'er Done!

Fine and Dandy right?
So quite litterally I had to do this to get my house at a costant "clean". Well at least so it didn't look like a "twister came through here" clean. It's at a point where I have days I have to do certain things on a "goal" list.
Like everyday, I have to put a load of laundry in. And take one load out of the drier. That way. I don't have monster/overwhelming piles to deal with. Which is what I've struggled with ever since I left the home-nest.

So maybe try that... if you want more Motivation in your life.
And also, a big thing. Don't be Negative! About anything! (I know it's darn hard - but it will change you're life - I'm still working on this aspect of my life that is a goal I WANT so bad but it also a lifestyle change. And chaning yourself is always the most difficult thing you can do.)



Big Love Guys!

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