Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ring Shot. (photography)

Saturday I will be part of a huge Trash the Dress day, with many amazing Photographers and Models!

I can't wait to share photos with you and the stories! I'm pretty excited, since it will be my first 'all in' Trash the Dress.

I'm really looking forward to more sessions like this in the future.
The season is definatley starting, more wedding emails coming in and more families waiting for the good weather for their photographs!

I personally love this time of year - dry, cold and so many cool bare trees and interesting feel to all the places I go to shoot.
However - who can deny Summer's weather and steamy photos?

So in excitment for the Trash the Dress, I played around with some Ring Shot techniques for the coming wedding season as well!

haha but note, I do not, at the moment (will soon in the coming months) have the best set up for ring shots, but I guess - if there's a will, there's a way!

Thanks for stopping by! Look out Sunday for some Trash the Dress beauties!





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