Monday, February 28, 2011

Trash the Dress : Rachel (photography)

I love the raw country feel in these photos. the barn really brough out the editorial feel i love. Really excited to share.
Sometime I think my style is almost too different. I hope it's different in a good way! haha!

I hope you enjoy, Rachel was absoultley SO SO sweet and beautiful! And that blanket you brought to keep your self warm, Rachel, I love it!
It really tied the photos together and I hope kept you somewhat warm at the same time! haha!

I really wish we had more time, cuase I feel like I really could have expanded this shoot more with it's feel and theme. I really love Rachel in it. I really love everything going on!! But seriously it was WAY cold! Maybe another time Rachel? I really enjoyed working with you!

<3 Bella Photobucket





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  1. Bella, thank you so much! I love the's so nice to see some truly beautiful shots of myself (beautiful photography, I'm not saying I'm so beautiful :P)--I'm usually the one behind the camera so don't have many of myself. You did a really nice job and I'd be happy to be a model for you anytime.


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