Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cabin-ing. Vol#1 (personal)

Welcome to my family. Where we'd rather spend more time sleeping in our truck, tent, or cabining than we would at home. Even if the road is steep, or covered in snow or even if it's early spring or late fall. We LIVE for exploring. I feel the best and happiest when I'm out in nature, and I love spending time in our truck. I guess I'm not that eco-friendly, because I'd rather be driving across canada in our trucks than sitting at home watching the bachelor.
When I grew up, my mom wasn't much of a camper, I remember one camping trip that she took us on. My dad took us quite a bit, but camping season always took forever to come around. I love that I met a man that will come home and say pack up cause we're going somewhere. When we need a bit of stress gone or need a good drive, we know that packing up and hitting the road is the way to go!
But this weekend was not only that but it was to remember and have fun while celebrating my husband's grandma's life.
We named our daughter's middle name after her and I sure felt she had come and visited us or that her spirit had been there at a few moments.
So enjoy the spooky, yet fun Morris Valley! A small cabin-ing place where Sasquatch is known to roam!

Maggie inside the kitchen hall.

Brick Chimmeny.

Surrounding forestest.

The truck.

That's a drop of water there! isn't that cool!

Roasting Marshmallows in the fire.

End of Day One. Stayed tuned for the waterfall and the fun that happened the next day! :)

<3 Bella

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