Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Week So Far. (personal)

I woke up at... haha... 8am! To go to the GYM of all places! 8am and somehow I'm still awake - hungry as a horse but I'm still awake. Jocelynn's taking a nap. I could probably go to sleep if I tried but that would break my immediate goal of waking up early and going to gym.
So we run to the gym and by the time we get back it's 11.30am and my house is still ASLEEP! Jessica is like "umm... you're family is weird."
Isn't sleeping in a gift from god when you have a baby? She goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 11.30 am! How is that weird. Doesn't that deserve a funky dance of some sort? Kay well, I'll party at the gym while you all think we're weird.

Watching that show 'man vs food'... ice cream.... yummy... (off topic). Hey who knew this was gonna be a random blog? I did!

So I spent the week working a to do list... and I think I've only crossed off like two things. I'm such a doer, so it really bugs me when I can't get it all done... oh, I don't know.... yesterday?

Need to make some client calls too... My throat has been acting up from my wisdom teeth. That is what I've pinned it on. I REALLY DO NOT want to get them removed. I'm terrified of 'dry socket' or whatever it's called, the thing you can get if the holes in your mouth afterward arn't healing properly. It just sounds PAINFUL... is it more painful than ear pressure and a swollen throat, still weighing the options...

My step mom's bday was Sunday and we went over and had some good food and stuff! Jocelynn ate almost the entire time and I gave her a bite of cake and then kept getting screamed at for more. my bad.

Also, Jocelynn is gonna be a year VERY SOON!!! April!
And I'm gonna be getting one year older as well... in April too.... yayaya....... *sarcasm*

Anyway, I best be going so I can clean the house or give some people some calls!

I'll be sure to post some photos of my step moms bday today or tomorrow! :)

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! (which I thought it was tuesday till I went to the gym earlier...)

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