Friday, March 11, 2011

A Workshop I would Love. To be. At (personal)

Seriously a style and icon in Vancouver Photography. I think I randomly came across her site right before I opened my bizz.

Her photographs and thoughts always kept me going. I found alot of strength through her photos and words she had to write. Something that has defiantly kept me going, keeping strong and always trying to improve and make my photos that much better.
I know every shoot that I do, I strive to make it better, more something-something. More ME. and Jamie Delaine has seriously help make that part of dreams come true.

I remember searching and praying for a style that I would fall in to. Maybe I'd have to grow into, maybe I'd just learn to do, but I honestly kept shooting and with every photo I took I got closer to my style.

I learned that you can never give up and never say never. That every dream is possible and you control your destiny. Jamie really helped me through alot of the stages of opening a business and I would LOVE the opportunity and I know I'd be a sponge at this workshop. Kinda like Sponge Bob with out the square body!

May my stars be with me and let me chosen to win this amazing opporunity!!! 

<3 Bella

A Photo that I just recently took that Really Embodies my style and why I love photography SOO MUCH! Such a Creative outlet and so amazing I get to amazing people's photographs!

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