Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Life and People. (personal)

Putting Yourself out there.

I get people telling me all the time, I love how you just put yourself out there or I wish I could just do that, and not worry that people will judge or say mean things.

I think the reality is. People will ALWAYS judge, people will ALWAYS say and do mean things. Dosn't mean you have to assoiciate or aknowledge that behaviour.

I give everyone a fair chance. I think everyone deserves a fair first impression and even a fair second chance. Becuase I know sometimes I would love a second chance at some things in my past that I did wrong or didn't do properly and knew I could have.

I hold actions alot higher than words though.
Be weary of people telling you one thing and doing another thing.
Something I have learned very quickly and now know what to look for as far a signs go for those situations.

Just of recent I had someone butter talk me and get my trust, use me and then totally ignore me and disconnect contact with me. That taught me alot and now I know what to do for the future. Now I can look for those signs and not let that happen again. Because let's be honest here, no one likes feeling like that by someone. And unforunatley the people who do that to others do not think of the way they are making others feel when they do that. It is a very selfish act all together. I would strongly suggest not being that type of person. haha. just that's just my personal opinion though...

So as far as putting yourself out there goes. Be aware that it is nessaccary I think if you want clients to relate and connect to you but you also have to realize that people who are mostly your competitors and some bitter people will speak or think things or judge you. I honestly beleive some of the most successful people in history over come this and realized this, were able to embrace it and keep on truckin!

I think that says something to me and gives me strength when I feel hurt or upset by things people do or say. I'm not an Avril Lavigne fan but I must say, I think I was 14 or something and I was watching much music and I heard an interview with her and she said something I constantly repeat to myself and to others, and yea, it does more apply for "music" but I guess it could be a tool to remind yourself when you're feeling down... she said for every 1 person who loves you, there will be 10 that hate you.

Ooch! 10 to 1... haha! It's not nesscarily true for everything but in the grand sceem of appleaing to people and driving success it's definatley true.

And yet, I'll mention something I always do that helps me so much find strength when I'm feeling down, believeing in yourself, your ability and thining POSITIVELY!

I have so much to learn and in one short year I feel so blessed to have learned what I have, one less thing for me to learn this year right! haha, I definatley think this business thing makes you grow a pair or build a wall or a GREAT PEOPLE FILITER! (you'll know when people are genuine to you, and when their not)

I say - when it comes to clients or situations trust your gut instinct. If your somtach is turning, it's probably not good. If you're stressed, it's probably not something to pursue further. If you're stomach is in knots and your stressed, please don't proceed further... haha

I can really use that example when we were looking for trucks. and we LOOKED at trucks. SO MANY. i'm going to say over a 7 month span over 150 trucks...

The first one that we were close to buying (em - Maple Ridge Chrysler is AWFUL by the way) tried to not only scam us, but insulted me 3 times and all the while trying to lie to my Husband. And you know what, my stomach was in knots the entire time. my head was dizzy and what did I do, I let us waste an enitire 2 days for this truck, that wasn't even worth it or good enough for the hassle... wasn't meant to be AT ALL and luckily we walked away unscaved.

So we moved on with hurt feelings and no truck.
FOR 4 MONTHS! we searched high and low and only came close to buying one other before the one we have now. It was almost identical to the one we have now. except a 2003 with only 2wDrive and my stomach wasn't there again, my thoughts weren't either. The finacing was through the ROOF for that truck, becuase it was older. And then, when we thought we could not search ANY longer and I'm serious. I told Jordan - this one truck is the LAST truck we are going to look at and then I'm done for like 6 months! haha!
And low and behold! The skys parted and a shiny spot light came down on that beauitful, emculate 3500 RAM. Jordan was literally staring at me, I had no gut urching feeling (other than I hate spending money - well you know, that much money, he was so surprised that I actually liked the truck. That I didn't feel a bad bone for that truck. That I knew right away when I met that truck that it was going to keep me and my family safe and that it was about to be Bronson's work truck. The price was PERFECT. The truck was PERFECT and here I was thinking, man this is TOO good to be true.. of course I was thinking that .... but it was my HEAD thinking that, not my heart.
The dealership didn't even come out, they gave us the keys and liscense plate and said go for it. We test drove it.

Everything was perfect for that truck. The finacing, the Truck itself, the dealership and the way the conducted business (they also taught me for myself something - the right buyer or client will come and they didn't have to use any pressure to get the truck sold to us, they knew they were selling above and beyond trucks and they didn't need that enviroment that Maple Ridge Chrysler had to use on us. They were CONFIDENT in their products! I took note of that!) and I look back and I know that we went with our guts on that truck and that it will not ever let us down. becuase we could have settled, we could have been taken advantage of by Maple Ridege Chrysler and we could have gotten stuck with a Truck that only had 2wDrive and we have already had to use our 4x4 hauling horses MORE than a few times, so it's safe to say that A: everything happens for a reason and B: you have instincts, and feelings, listen to them. Stop listing to your HEAD! It's really not right that often...

Kay now that you're fully sick of reading this stuff and that you probably have no idea what my point was... I'm jsut glad you made it this far and remember, if you're not happy in your life CHANGE IT! Only you can do that. Only you can put yourself out there for judgement, and only you can change your stars and listen to your gut. BE a GOOD person. Think positive and make mistakes. And yes, I am STILL trying to do these things, I just wanted to share some of the things I tell myself everyday to keep on keeping on!

<3 bella!! The sad thing is, we go from this state of mind carefree and imaginative as a child and then through growing up we are taught almost self distructive behaviours and then some of us if we want, must reteach the way we think and our subconcious mind so we can achieve more and reach higher. Sounds freaking complicated. I would love to teach my daughter to the correct way to think and hopefully I will be able to do a good job so I make her adult life easier. for me this blog means more than sharing its more theapitic to me as well to know what I have done and still have to do! Thanks for reading!


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