Friday, April 8, 2011

3 terabytes of Amazing. (personal)

I haven't even used it yet. but my hubby bought me a 3 terabyte external drive for my - yep, BIRTHDAY... since my 350g is TOTALLY FULL!!! No joke, it's like past the red, if that's possible - like if it could talk it would scream at me for it being way to full, possibly at the point of explosion. I got my old drive in like 2007!! isn't that crazy? I totally use me gear till there's nothing left of it! haha ... literally... seriously....

Welcome the 3 terabyte wonder... its so nice looking - my other one - not so much - red and silver asteroid of hugeness with no memory - well 350g was pretty good then...

Oh and let's not forget how cool I am, yep I hit the BIG TWO - ONE (last time I'm ever posting my age on the internet) - seriously. savour the info. haha

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