Monday, April 4, 2011

A Beautiful Memory. (personal)

Okay so when we were camping, our for a day of exploring and our truck was driving down the backroads in Mission, on our way back from off roading and Weaver lake. We came around a bend at about 60km and this bird was flying low to the ground ... I remember thinking, is this bird gonna lift off the ground?!!! and then it came up over the grill and hit our windowsheild.
I think I screamed for like 30 seconds straight.
Mostly being so traumatized from a big bird hitting our window.
And What we all thought had been a crow had sadly been a beautiful hawk!
either way, I was sad but Jordan and a few other guys went back after dropping us off and went to see. They brought it back,thinking we had to turn it in somewhere, being it wasn't just an average joe-bird.
We called the RCMP and they said to leave it where we hit it for other animals to eat or whatever... (yea, nice eh?thats just nature though!) anyway, I initially wasn't going to do anything, because I was so sad about it, but then I thought, if we were just going to leave it to decompose we might as well remember it. Not sure how many people would want to see it, but you have to see how GORG this hawk was! and it really reminded me how quickly life can end.

This may be a bit morbid but seriously, this bird did not deserve to die this way, and I almost look at this experience as humbling and how we as humans destroy beautiful animals like this each and every day without a thought towards it going through our minds...

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