Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jocelynn's First Birthday Party. (personal)

Jocelynn had her first (FIRST) Birthday part on Saturday. It was a bit of a ride for me. 3 hours went by very fast and we JUST had enough ice cream cake. Guess I get another crack at it next year. haha. We had a very busy weekend, Sunday we had a last minute call and Jordan headed out to haul horses from Southland in Vancouver to Island 22 in Chilliwack. Our friends, Lauren and Kohle stayed with us and Kohle helped jordan out Sunday when I headed to Grandville Island do an Engagement shoot (see post below for sneak peek). Anyway, that left me with hardly any time to do a blog and on top we went to bed super early - unlike our normal 1am bed call. So yea, anyway, here I am now. Sharing the weekend adventures...

Gift that Lauren and Kohle got Jocelynn - so funny, she could NOT figure out what was holding her back!!


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  1. She's so gorgeous! Don't forget to pat yourself on the back too... first birthdays are especially good for celebrating "We survived the first year!"


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