Friday, April 15, 2011

reality just hit me! (personal)

It's just kinda hitting me that I'm going to be hauling horses for one week straight.
With my one year old daughter, dog and husband. Our 3500 ram will be our replacement home. maybe that's why i was having the butterfly panics most of this week. the reality of my businesses just hit me in the face. today we signed the papers to open Bronson's business account. i don't know if you know what that feels like, but i know know what it feels like to hold a visa in my hand with the name Bronson Horse & Haul and not my name across it. it's a very different feeling. i put our first cheque in that account, i wrote it down in my deposit book and i knew i had just jumped off a huge Cliff. its an exhilarating feeling, and at the same time it scares the pooshies out of you!

 i have a file folder with different categories where receipts go. i have an invoice binder. this is for SERIOUS! no joking around. no lala land, i wanna own a business... this is like the past 6 months of work has lead up to this. oh and in case you were all wondering - the photography business is an extension of Bronson.

i'm surrounded with needing to be organized and talking to people i've never met before. being the professional person i must be, and putting away the fact that i have made life momentous at the small age that i am. the guy at the bank actually put down the wrong year i was born in! yea, he read my drivers license, care card and the actual business registry papers completely wrong!! by 10 years!

its something i always dreamt of and then today, as i stood in the bank, i knew this was for real. that everything i do from that moment on, was going to be done right financially and that though i am sure there will be road blocks, challenges, and that mistakes are inevitable - that i have no more to hide from. i spent a year getting the photography business up and running, we spent 6 months looking for a truck and 2 months for a good, solid and reliable trailer and now, it's like... it's not just words anymore. my company has it's own BANK ACCOUNT!

kay, maggie, time to get off of the couch, cause we're heading to Alberta for a week!

i promise to attempt to write a few blogs while we are away and try to post them, maybe if we get some wifi somewhere along the way!


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