Saturday, April 23, 2011

Too Much Techy Not Enough Reality. (personal)

Have you ever seen a sky that goes on forever?
A night so black that you need more than just your high beams?
Herds of deer for miles around you?
Where the air feels different and eight degrees feels like three?
Where the middle of no-where is really the middle of no-where?
Where clouds go on forever and rain comes in patches? 
Where freedom is amazing, scary and forever?

Have you ever seen that, felt that on your iphone, computer or facebook?

We all love our technology. And I realized this as I read a few blogs around town, that some people post blogs on what they've captured on their cells through the week. I find it funny, not only do my cell phone and I have a bad relationship, but i think I have the most dinosaurs-rip-off-blackberry ever... but i guess since I can call and talk to people on it. it works out just fine and dandy.
But I say, drop the technology, and the constant stress of emails, or the ever so prevalent call of duty from video games and explore this cast, wild world. It gives a person a true exhilarating feeling. After spending over 6,000 km in our ram, it is not only a test on a relationship but also a test of patience. 800 km = 8 hours. We averaged 1,000 km's a day. That's 10 hours of driving each day, with a 1 year old and dog that would often find itself under a pile of blankets or baby toys, or ever a diaper or two.

I would not have made this trip any different or any less amazing. because you can't make a status update when you're thousands of miles away from cell service and all you have is a truck, some diesel and your family.

More to come...

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