Wednesday, May 18, 2011

could be a good life. (personal)

they tell you to keep looking up, even when things are looking down. to keep smiling, to keep your head up, to keep going.
they tell you it's alright and that it won't hurt. that some things are better left unsaid. that the truth can hurt but lies hurt more. and that sticks and stones can break your bones. to suck it up, to hold it in. to not cry or even whim. to push harder and go faster. that goal you reached, just dosnt matter. that inner strength is inner weakness and that laughing makes a soul relentless.

when i grew up. i had the world telling me no. and I try super hard to not get caught up in that anymore. but it's hard. to not feel sorry for yourself. how can we be selfless when we were taught to protect and defend ourselves? i wish so many things. that people could be hunble, could remember your only mortal, that people out there have less and that life really isn't that hard. that living is easy when you're giving. i don't know if i'll ever get to the place i want to be with selfless and humbling ways, i try hard. i wish myself better. but really, i shouldn't be wishing anything on myself. i should be wishing better for others.

i feel the world get's too caught up on things that arn't really there. that girl that's nasty or that dog that won't stop barking. to try and think differently about those situations is hard. instantly you call her a b*tch and instantly you pin that dog as annoying and wish it would shut up. but maybe that girl's family is falling apart or she never had one. that dog just wants some love.

man. i could go on forever about this. i just need for myself to work harder everyday to think this way and one day, i know i will be able to think fully in this way. it will take time, but it will bring us as people so much more happiness and make living ... easier. happier. fuller. funner (it's a word, now embrace it!)

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