Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Island Camping (personal)

that thing scares me. yet i still leaned over the edge to take it's photo.

this past weekend we went to the island to see our friends, pick up our new adoption 'pinot' and haul some horses.
friday was a bit iffy when we got there but saturday and sunday were super nice.
after the friday night of camping and being like the only one's in the camp ground other than a few dumb guys that stayed up the entire night, yelling and singing... and to which we found throw-up and someone disgraced the pavement... (you don't want to know). we packed up and headed to our friend's house. where the dogs could run around. jocelynn could get a good sleep and we could sit in the hot tub. we went to coombs on saturday and bought ice cream, cheesey bread and organic drinks... oh and pepperoni. looked around their gardens, lost each other a couple times and then headed home.
i wish the stay had been a bit longer. maybe i'm too used to our week long horse hauls. or the fact that we like to just pack up and leave to go where ever.
pinot has made a great addition to our house. i love dogs. i love the way they run around and get muddy (that's what the bed of the truck is for). i love how a dog always loves you and even if you're gone for a few minutes, it's like they haven't seen you in ages. i am so happy to have another dog. maggie seems very happy too. jocelynn loves them both. and Pinot's yellow lab laziness is awesome for jocelynn's abundant amount of hugs she likes to gives.
yep, i love animals. i don't get the whole - you're getting another dog? you have a baby? - isn't that a good thing? dog's really aren't a hassel if you train them. key word 'train' lol
jocelynn's hugging Pinot right now. i just couldn't imagine my home with out a couple dogs running around. they truly are man's best friend and in jocelynn's case - baby's best friend.

jocelynn driving the truck... well pretending.


mags and pinot in a bit of a predicament. i don't know how many times i untangled them! it was too many tho!

maggie (left), pinot (right)

my cousin katie - who we took camping.

good friend lauren. hanging out by the waterfall.

other side of the falls.

Our truck and trailer.

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