Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Life's a ... (personal)

Maybe you read on my facebook or twitter but lack of blogs much? Yea, I feel so weird and I'm totally waiting on my next blog - it will be amazing, I just need a computer with photoshop - On Sunday evening we got home from our Horse Haul and parked our large trailer and truck out on the street, I'd say about 100 feet away from our house. Sometime between 1am (us falling asleep by accident) and 6am (when the neighbour knocked on the door) our truck was broken into. Good news, I brought my love of a camera bag in the house, unfortunately, I never made it back out to our truck to get the laptop or my precious Ipod (among others, including our new GPS system). All was out of sight but I guess the pure fact of our truck being an eyesore on the street presented itself to this person in need of our items.
Of course, you're upset when someone breaks your property and literally looks at it as nothing but money or a pawn but after this initial emotion passed over me I knew everything that he took would be replaced and anything of value was in my house. My camera with the photos, my extra drives and CD's of Photos was all safe. In my house and one other location. I knew I stored info off my laptop for a reason! lol It paid off big time, you can never know when these things will happen. I had no clue that night I passed out on the couch that I'd wake up to a broken in Truck. I always trusted my things in my truck, we should have known better, but we live and learn. It was a small price to pay, I am just thankful the items I do hold dear were safe where I left them!
The truck window was fixed the next day by ICBC and our lost items will be returned to us in the form of new, via our insurance company! Man - insurance sure saves your butt! Luckily, any shoots i have planned arn't for another week or so, plenty of time to get me a new Laptop and plenty of time to plan lots of blogs for you!
So there you go, or have it... my lack of blogs? Soon to be fixed!!

I always try to remind myself these things happen for reasons, weather it was to teach us to be more careful, or to give that guy who broke into our car enough money to get by (not that I approve of breaking the law!!) but to look at this positively, I just say - hey, I get a new laptop! haha

- Bella

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