Friday, June 3, 2011

beth, amanda & riley l family portraits (photography)

Beth, Amanda & Riley I Family Portraits 

Here's Beth and her two children (or more so grown-up children) Amanda and Riley. Beth's boyfriend Dario also joined us for a few and their cutie dog Mia!
-   I've known Amanda since like grade 8, yes that's a long time. She was in my home room and the first thing she said to me was 'does that taste like chicken' or something to that extent! haha, so i was pretty happy to do their portraits when her momma asked me! We literally walked across the street to take these photos, all i kep thinking was, i wanna go for a run down here! it was so pretty and calm and the ocean... right there! I love you guys!! Enjoy you're photos!

oh yea, and i had a real hard time picking my favs so yea, there's alot on this post!

amanda & riley, sibling love!

their momma Beth and her boyfriend; Dario.

apparently they dont like the dog too much, i told them to like the dog, but they know they love her. look at these photos.
total proof.

LOVE them! haha look at that shot! amazing slow mo! haha

manda your so pretty!

their beautiful momma!

amazing personality shot! LOVE!

This is AMAZING as well!

amanda in utter fear! haha!


Old Mill Site in Port Moody.


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