Friday, June 24, 2011

friday morning stuff. (personal)

we are moving the large office from our third bedroom to our walk in closet (which, you won't believe me but - we don't use) we're going to be replacing our closet space for Wardrobes and I'd really like to get some old antiques and refurbish them. looking into that right now. but yea. if i showed you the walk in closet you'd laugh. it is EMPTY. I kid you not. so monday, as we really evaluated the room in our 1400 sq. foot town home we found that  the large office was really a waste of space. I take up like 1/8 of the entire room with my working space needed. so we are going to be renting the room out to students. currently looking into that - as my friend is coming in march 2012 to live here, which i'm super excited about, she will be going to UBC so in the mean time i wanted to get someone with similar circumstances in. we arn't home that much, especially through the spring and summer so it was an easy descision when it finally came. our house was in GREAT disorder. we have literally spent this whole week organizing and sorting things from what we need and what we don't. my house wasn't dirty... which was surprising, i guess lol. but it was cluttered. when we moved in a year and a hafl ago we literally took everything people offered to us and that in turn turned into us sayign yes to people's old junk. leaving us to get rid of it. so i'm really excited because the "closet" which you might think is weird - is actually going to be the perfect space till i can get my own studio away from home in a year or two to actually bring clients into and work with.

so we are going to be most likely putting up rent for this LARGE room with it's own PRIVATE deck. Pretty nifty! perfect for the summer and students who want to study outside and get some fresh air with their own privacy. maybe some plants and a cute lounge chair.

this week has really been an eyeopener between what we need and what we didn't. it was amazing what a year and half can turn into in a house. our garage has never been so organized. i know having a student in the house will also help me keep some order, since i kind suck when i get busy.

so as i start the day and start more of the sorting into the master bedroom, i just wanted to catch everyone up and let them know what was going on in my life.

on a side note. our fatty-lab we adopted is getting much more athletic now and her hot spots have gone away! we are so proud of her and her funny-lab-ways. i've also been writing my novel series like crazy, trying to get yet another draft out of my first book to perfect it and then yep, comes the second draft, corrections, editing, possible third draft (though let's not hope not! over 9 years this book will have hit like 6 revised versions. but as a grade 7, you're writting is so bad it dosn't count anyway! haha <3 stay happy!
- bella.

ps. stay tooned for my goal list update - how many i've checked off so far this year and how many more i've added! gah!

and just becuase their hasn't been photos of the fear-some-three-some lately, here's some from this morning. it varies from morning to morning, but basically they all steal stuff from each other and jocelynn hugs them randomly.

remember, if this looks messy it's becuase it's being moved out of one room to another at the moment! (had to add that in, in case you think we live in weird stacks of computers that don't even turn on - this is what i mean about things WE DO NOT NEED anymore!)

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