Monday, June 20, 2011

from nothing create. (personal)

sometimes i just sit and look up at the sky. wondering how big it is. or how long it goes for... the words repeat in my head, the sky's the limit. we try to go there, but when we don't even know where there is... how we can we go anywhere? the ideas and the theories, they all roll into dreamers... the technology and the telescopes can't even give us an answer. my head's sorta like space. i know i want to get there, most of the time i have no idea how to do it, what will happen when i get there or what it will really be like but i still dream. imagine. pretend.
just like the man who walked on the moon, i skip across the barren lands i've dreamt of... unknowing of what will come or if i'll come back. but it feels so good to be there. where ever there is.

as the months have passed and my photos grow and develop, i feel more at peace. i'm not worried about failing anymore, cause i know with failures come's privilege. i used to think i didn't have good enough equipment or a good enough computer to edit on - most photos being edited on my old HP laptop, a screen that had never being calibrated and so on... no trust me the list goes on. but i figured if i could make something out of nothing, i could have been doing something right. my best friend has a tatoo, it says from nothing create. what if we create space? what if that big sky out there is just full of our dreams and our minds ideas, waiting for us to create it? it's usually the only thing that gives my mind peace when it comes to the universe. and i say if it's for the picking, pick away.

i feel so blessed to be doing this right now and it felt like i struggled for so long to find my purpose... and then it was handed to me on a flyer one December morning... a Nikon D3000, a kit lens and a boxing day sale... and then somehow it turned into this! that's pretty sweet :)

now meet lilmoo, pronounced [lilll-mooo] (aka Lucy)... she belong's to my friend's family. she is very little and a newb to the puppy world!

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