Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog, One Year Old !

Happy Birthday Blog! You are One Years Old... Yes - one year ago i sat down at my computer and started a blog. i didn't quite know why i did it. i knew i had a camera and I knew I wanted to share something - not sure what it was going to be but I figured I'd work it out as time went on... turns out it went quite well. i surprised myself. I actually stayed commited to it, felt like it was almost a child. as the months passed i knew if  i gave it up now, it would be a fail. i was done with fails. so i kept blogging, when no one even read it (not sure how many do now but i know it's more than one - right?), when i was affraid to post it on my facebook page, when Bella Johnson Photography didn't even have a website and yea, a year isn't that long but in blog years - i think it must be! becuase it's seemed way longer than a year. i can't imagine what 5 years feels like!! i still look back and think woah - my photos have changed and it is so good for growth and tracking your progress. i know today i am not the photographer i was when i started this blog, i know today i won't be the same photographer next year or five years from now. but i do know that an essence of me will always be here, no matter how much i grow or regress or triumph or fail. this blog will always be here and always pick me up and show me the light.

so blog on blog and blog your heart away becuase i couldn't do it without you. i couldn't run my business or whine about the weather. i couldn't post my clients stories or share my family photos. speak from my heart or write my little insane blurbs on making something from nothing. we will keep pressing the on and keep going forward - blog and person. together. we will conquer. so happy FREAKING birthday Blog! LOVE YOU!

(memo : this is to all my readers, becuase you guys are really the ones that keep  me blogging and keep this blog going)

though i actually did my first blog at the end of June, i opened my account for the blog in the begining. i can't believe it's bee a year... and fittingly 150 POSTS!!

now enjoy how we back country camp, drive and live life... its SUMMER!! enjoy this time of year and be safe!

 east back end of Harrison Lake.

you only get this view in the backcountry...

checking the forest service roads...

huge canopies...

30km up harrison east... hit the active logging sites...

she's learned to like the truck alot!!

hey, i don't get out of the truck much... there's BEARS!

HAPPY 150 Post/ Blog Birthday!

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