Saturday, June 11, 2011

my friends. (personal/photography)

my friends are all artists in their own forms. all super talented if you ask me and full of drive to get where they want to be. it makes it easy to bounce ideas and feed off eachother's creativity. its great to have friends full of personality and that are real people. quite fittingly and wanting to share with others we are working on our own artist label that will comprise of tons of artist from all different walks of life. we have alot of great ideas, everything from artist support for kids and functions. the first thing we'll probably do is launch a website. this might be anywhere from 6 - 9 months away. this group we've been having meetings for almost a year now, since everyone's lives are busy and everyone is getting out of school and back on their feet, launching their businesses and what not, i'm sure we'll be able to launch our label successfully when we have everything worked out.
so naturally i wanted to take photos (funny that) - the light was amazing, now i know why all those california photogs have great photos :p it's light like this that makes them really pop! and i love the gorgeous people in them as well! <3

sam is first, she's a natural model and you've probably seen her on my website and my blog here before, i can't help but take photos of sam, she makes is super easy! she's also a super amazing writer on the brink of amazing-awesomeness! we love her!

isn't the bracelet awesome!? it's a neckless she borrowed from mel. our talented musician...

you make us so jealous SAM!!! you are too pretty!!

mel is a dedicated and talented singer, song writer and musician. you will see great things come out of mel in the near future. her band just finished recording their brand new EP - it is AMAZING! link love here. go there and listen to their new single! you'll love it!

sumit you have seen before as well, he is going to be huge one day soon as well. fashion designer and creative genius. his ideas are full of life and vibrancy! he is launching his own accessory line and you can check out his growing blog here. link love here!

so su, so much LOVE! he is like my idea amazing friend, we love him!!

now, as we lost the light we decided to make sam pose again, cause she makes us insanely happy when she works it in front of the camera. our ground currently has two other artist and me, who didn't get in front of the camera this time, but next time they will be made to endure me!


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